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The largest online business and tax compliance platform that helps Entrepreneurs and Families with various registration, accounting and tax consultancy services, and government services.

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Whether you are a new start-up or an established company, we are here to support your legal needs and help you succeed. Legal Corner is a startup business consultant in Kolkata, India, specializing in providing legal services, company incorporation and consultancy services to entrepreneurs and startups. With a team of experienced startup business consultants, we offer comprehensive solutions to various legal and regulatory challenges faced by new businesses. From business registration and compliance to contract drafting and intellectual property protection, Legal Corner helps startups navigate the complex legal landscape in India. We understand the complexities of legal requirements for businesses, and we aim to simplify the process by providing efficient and cost-effective solutions.

At Legal Corner, you can get hassle-free and affordable legal assistance that is tailored to your specific requirements. Our mission is to empower entrepreneurs to succeed by providing them with the legal tools and knowledge necessary to build a successful business. Legal Corner is committed to providing high-quality services at affordable rates and is dedicated to helping startups and small businesses thrive in Kolkata’s competitive market. By selecting Legal Corner as your business’s startup consultant, you can rest assured that your legal needs will be handled with professionalism and expertise.

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Fire License

Fire license means No Objection Certificate regarding Fire Safety Equipment installation in Building as per National Building Code (NBC) norms.

NGO Registration and Other Services

If an individual wishes to create a group who wants to be involved in social activities, and resources, then it is important to make it in a proper manner with an organised management.

Drug License

The Ministry of Health and Family Affairs issued the Cosmetic Rules in December 2020, which states that a drug license is mandatory for importing cosmetics into India

Nidhi Co. Registration

A Nidhi Company is a company, which is a non- banking financial sector and it comes under the Companies Act, 2013. This company is formed with a motto to lend and borrow money within its members and it is very easy to form as a company.

Food License

In India, before starting a food business one must obtain a food license or a registration from the Food Safety and Standard Authority of India (FSSAI).

GST Registration

Goods and Services Tax (GST) is an indirect tax (or consumption tax) used in India on the supply of goods and services. It is a comprehensive, multistage, destination-based tax: comprehensive because it has subsumed almost all the indirect taxes except a few state taxes.

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Startup Business Consultant in Kolkata, India

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What we do?

At Legal Corner, we offer expert consultancy for your startup as well as established company in Kolkata. Our expert team offers a wide range of services, including company registration, legal compliance, GST, accounting and taxation, licensing and more.

Company registration in Kolkata is an excellent way for international entrepreneurs to conduct business in one of the world’s most rapidly growing economies in recent years. Company formation is the most favourable corporate structure to fulfil your business objectives. The Companies Act 2013 which governs companies in India   lists different types of companies that can be incorporated in India like Private Company, Public Company, section 8 Company. A company can be started in India with a very minimum amount of capital. As there is no fixed amount and the shareholders of the company being incorporated can determine the capital they wish to contribute. Company registration is, therefore, an important and crucial step in realising your dream of becoming a successful entrepreneur.

Limited Lability Partnership contains the salient features of both company and partnership by limited as it works as a substitute corporate business that gives the benefits of limited liability of a company and the flexibility of a partnership. It is governed by the Limited Liability Partnership Act, 2008 and the Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) Rules, 2009.For registration of LLP Minimum two designated partners are required in LLP, and at least one of them should hold a resident in India.

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If an individual wishes to create a group who wants to be involved in social activities, and resources, then it is important to make it in a proper manner with an organised management. NGO or Trust is one of such kinds. A non-governmental organization (NGO) or trust is a legally formed organization which operates independently and it is a non-profit business.

An NGO can be registered as a Trust, a Society, or a Section 8 Company in India.

  • Trust under Public Trusts Act of each state.
  • Society under the Societies Registration Act 1860
  • Section 8 Company under the Companies Act, 2013

According to the Shops and Establishments Act, the term Establishment means a shop or a commercial establishment. These establishments include commercial spaces, residential hotels, restaurants, theatres or other places of public amusement or entertainment. In addition to this, the state government also declares establishments for the purpose of this Act. Such establishments are also covered under this Act. Furthermore, the concerned state government declares such establishments through notification in the Official Gazette. Shop means any premises where: goods are sold, by retail, wholesale, or services are rendered to customers. This could include an office a storeroom, go down, warehouse or workplace, whether in the same premises or otherwise, used in connection with such trade/ business. A shop however does not include a factory or a commercial establishment.

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A Nidhi company is a type of company in the Indian non-banking finance sector, recognized under section 406 of the Companies Act, 2013. Their core business is borrowing and lending money between their members. Nidhi company registration is simple and less complex as compared to other types of finance companies like NBFC which require RBI license to start hence the formation of the Nidhi Company is easy. Nidhi Companies are registered as Public Companies and should have Nidhi Limited at the last of the name. However, it should also be noted that the Nidhi Companies fall under the purview of the Reserve Bank of India as the functioning of Nidhi Companies is similar to NBFCs.

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The Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises, broadly known as MSME, is the premier Government body that deals with the formulations and management of rules, guidelines, and laws pertaining to small scale industries in India.

Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) sector has emerged as a highly vibrant and dynamic sector of the Indian economy over the last five decades. MSMEs not only play crucial role in providing large employment opportunities at comparatively lower capital cost than large industries but also help in industrialization of rural & backward areas.

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Import Export Code (also known as IEC code) is a 10-digit identification number that is issued by the DGFT (Director General of Foreign Trade), Department of Commerce, Government of India. It is also known as Importer Exporter Code. Companies and businesses must obtain this code to start a business that deals with import and export in the Indian Territory. It is not possible to deal with export or import business without this IEC.

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Trade license is the certificate that gives permission to the applicant to commence a particular trade or business in a particular location. It is issued by the State Government. Trade license is being regulated through municipal corporation acts by the state governments. It has been made necessary by the government so that no one is carrying out any unethical business practices. The issuance of the license varies from state to state depending on the local government agencies (Municipals) rule and regulations.

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The Government has regulated the manufacture, sale, and distribution of drugs in India through the Drugs and Cosmetics Act of 1940. There are three types of drug license as follows

  • Manufacturing Drug License-As per Drugs and Cosmetics Act, 1940 for manufacturing of Ayurvedic, Allopathic and Cosmetics drugs/products a manufacturing Licence is required. The State licensing authority is liable to issue and monitor the various license like Drugs Sales License, Drugs Manufacturing License for Ayurvedic, Allopathic and Cosmetics etc
  • Retail Drug License- A retail license is required for the retail sale of drugs. A retail sale means the sale of drugs or cosmetics for the consumption of the end consumer.
  • Wholesale Drug License- The function of pharmaceutical wholesalers is to act as an intermediary between the pharmaceutical industry and their customers (e.g., hospital and community pharmacies) by purchasing and distributing medicines to their customers. A wholesale drug licenseis required for manufacturing pharmaceuticals, distribution, sale, or store of the medication

Fire license means No Objection Certificate regarding Fire Safety Equipment installation in Building as per National Building Code (NBC) norms. Fire rules are different for all types of buildings, means different rules as per types, height, area of constructed building. The powers concerning licensing and fire safety are entrusted with the Director-General of Fire and Emergency Services and the Deputy Director for Fire Services.

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Employees Provident Fund and Employees State Insurance are two social security schemes availably to the working class in India. Organization with 20 or more employees are required by law to register for EPF Scheme within one month of attending the minimum strength of 20 employees. ESI Registration is to be mandatorily done when the employers are having more than 10 employees.

Foreign direct investments (FDI) are substantial investments made by a company into a foreign concern.  FDI is a key element in international economic integration because it creates stable and long-lasting links between economies.  The FDIs are further categorised into four types They are as under: 1. Horizontal FDI, 2. Vertical FDI, 3. Conglomerate FDI, 4. Platform 

Legal Corner is a leading accounting and tax consultancy service provider in Kolkata. With years of experience in the industry, Legal Corner has a team of highly qualified professionals with expertise in accounting and tax matters. They offer a range of services to businesses and individuals, including bookkeeping, financial statement preparation, tax planning, tax preparation, and representation before tax authorities.

Legal Corner’s team of professionals work closely with clients to understand their specific needs and provide tailored solutions to address their accounting and tax requirements. Their services are cost-effective, efficient, and transparent, ensuring that clients receive the best value for their money.

Legal Corner has a reputation for delivering quality services and has earned the trust and loyalty of its clients. They maintain high standards of professionalism and adhere to ethical practices, ensuring that clients receive reliable and accurate advice and services.

In addition to their accounting and tax consultancy services, Legal Corner also offers legal services, including company registration, trademark registration, and legal compliance services. Their holistic approach to business management makes them a one-stop solution for all accounting, tax, and legal requirements.

In conclusion, Legal Corner is the best accounting and tax consultancy service provider in Kolkata, offering reliable, efficient, and cost-effective solutions to businesses and individuals. With their experienced team of professionals and commitment to excellence, they are a trusted partner for managing finances and taxes.

Trademark is defined in the Trademark Act, 1999 as, “trademark means a mark capable of being represented graphically and which is capable of distinguishing the goods or services of one person from those of others and may include the shape of goods, their packaging and combination of colours.” To apply for a trademark a person must adhere to the provisions enlisted under Section 18 of the Act. The Section requires any persons applying for a trademark to apply in writing in the manner that is prescribed for the registration. The application has to contain the name of the mark, goods and services, the class under which goods and services fall, the period of the use of the mark and the personal details of the applicant such as name and address. The owner of a registered trademark has exclusive control over it. The owner can use the same trademark for all other products falling under the class(es) specified in the application. Furthermore, the proprietor has exclusive ownership of the trademark and can restrict others from using it in the class(es) in which it has registration.

As per DPIIT An entity shall be considered as a Startup:

  1. Up to a period of ten years from the date of incorporation/ registration, if it is incorporated as a private limited company (as defined in the Companies Act, 2013) or registered as a partnership firm (registered under section 59 of the Partnership Act, 1932) or a limited liability partnership (under the Limited Liability Partnership Act, 2008) in India
  2. Turnover of the entity for any of the financial years since incorporation/ registration has not exceeded one hundred crore rupees.
  • Entity is working towards innovation, development or improvement of products or processes or services, or if it is a scalable business model with a high potential of employment generation or wealth creation. Provided that an entity formed by splitting up or reconstruction of an existing business shall not be considered a ‘Startup’.

Eligible companies as recognised Startups by DPIIT, get access to various benefits like tax benefits, easier compliance, Easy access to Funds, and Registering as a Startup in India is a very simple process, you just need to follow few steps to register your Startup and avail various benefits as provided by government

In India, before starting a food business one must obtain a food license or a registration from the Food Safety and Standard Authority of India (FSSAI). FSSAI Registration plays an important role in formulating the controlling procedures for maintaining the food quality levels in order to ensure safety and catering satisfaction to each customer. It implements measures to eliminate the toxic and hazardous elements present in the food, resulting in the assurance of food safety to the consumers.

ISO refers to International Organization for Standardisation It is an independent organisation that provides standards in terms of quality, safety, and efficiency of products and services provided by businesses. With the increasing competition among the business, ISO Certification is mandatory to form certain standards that ensure products and services’ quality, safety, and efficiency.

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A certificate-based digital signature is a type of e-signature that complies with the strictest legal regulations. Digital Certificate is issued by eMudhra Limited which is a Certifying Authority licensed by Controller of Certifying Authorities, under Government of India. eMudhra operates under the guidelines set by Information Technology Act. 

Annual compliance is required for all types of entities. It is mandatory for business owners to comply with Companies act, Income tax, GST & State Laws in addition to the ROC compliances. Some of the Annual Compliances for Companies are as follows

  • Annual General Meeting to be conducted within
  • Have to submit AOC-4 Within thirty days of holding the Annual General Meeting or AGM
  • Have to submit Annual Return Within sixty days of the Annual General Meeting (AGM)

An income tax is a tax imposed on individuals or entities (taxpayers) in respect of the income or profits earned by them (commonly called taxable income to file your income tax return (ITR), you have to register yourself on the Income Tax Department’s e-filing website.

Goods and Services Tax (GST) is an indirect tax (or consumption tax) used in India on the supply of goods and services. It is a comprehensive, multistage, destination-based tax: comprehensive because it has subsumed almost all the indirect taxes except a few state taxes. Goods and services are divided into five different tax slabs for collection of tax: 0%, 5%, 12%, 18% and 28%. However, petroleum products, alcoholic drinks, and electricity are not taxed under GST. The individual gets the legal right to collect tax from his customers and carry forward the credit of the paid taxes to his customers or suppliers.

Tax Deducted at Source or TDS is a type of advance tax which is deducted from the earnings of an individual or an organization before the money is actually credited into that entity’s account, according to the Income Tax Act 1961.

It is a tax levied by the some of the state governments in India on the income earned by employees on rendering their specific services engaged in a profession or trade. subject to income exceeding the monetary threshold if any. Professional tax being levied by the State Government, is different in different states. Every state has its own laws and regulations to govern professional tax of that state. However, all the states do follow a slab system based on the income to levy professional tax.

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12A and 80G are the two registrations granted by Income Tax Department to NGOs to allow them in Tax Exemption and permitting Deduction on Donations by the donors. A 12A and 80G registered NGO is more acceptable to receive prosperous funding and various tax reliefs. NGO (Non-Government Organization) is established solely to serve non-profit humanitarian purpose in the form of Charitable Trust/Society/Section 8 Company and once such entity is formally registered it is approved of a bunch of tax exemptions, benefits, reliefs as well as provision of tax deductions for the donors. For that, 12A and 80G registrations are mandatory, otherwise, ANY income an NGO earns, like, service/production/donation, will be taken as normal taxable income without considering the purpose of such income. NGOs with 12A and 80G Certificates gets an upgraded commercial value than its counterparts without such certificates: Only 12A and 80G registered NGOs are permitted to accept international funding with exemptions available under Foreign Regulation Act, 2010 or FCRA.

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Amazingly prompt and helpful service. When I was lost and searching in the dark how to get a trade licencequickly they came out as saviour and got me one within couple of hours. Looking forward to have more business with them in future and have already referred to my friends and other fellow business persons.

Anirban Mandal

I have been associated with Legal Corner team very long and my whole legal documentation is handled by the team. I can say that this the best platform for all legal services. The best things of this company is employees, staff and management is very polite, cooperative and helpful. Very professional approach.

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Best legal service provider in Kolkata. Best Start up consultant. Staff are very knowledgeable and friendly. availed the start up registration service from Legal Corner within a week.Good platform for new clients.

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Best Consultant in the market, highly recommended to friends and others. Very professional approach towards works. They maintain the time line what they promised at the first interaction. Very commited to work

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Legal corner Biz solution provides best services to the clients. He understands his clients very well without any disturbance. So easy and fast.

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My Personnel experience is too Good. Legal corner is providing best service about company legal services, compliance . Good coordination . All employees are very cooperative.. Thanks for your best service

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These guys are very fast and knowledgeable. I have been contact with Juhi for Drug License related work and she really owned the customer service. Also…. Their onboarding process was awesome

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Great service! And the behaviour is also very good. Just got my trade license within few hours. Must recommended ❤️

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Best license consultant in Kolkata.......start up friendly. Behavior of staff is very polite and professional. I will recommend to other to avail the service from Legal Corner.

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We had a great experience incorporating a company in United State of America. Within two days i got my registration certificate. Very good response, professional approach, good team and system driven.


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