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Health Trade License

In India, to conduct business that deals in goods and services that affects the health of consumers at large, the government mandates the obtaining of Health Licenses. Health Trade Licences are issued by the Municipalities of the respective localities.

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    Basically there  are two types of health trade License one is Health Care License and other one is Health Trade License which are discussed below:

    • Health Care Licensesare issued to the entities dealing in medical care to provide assurance of authenticity. The grant of health care license is done on a state basis
    • Health Trade Licenses are issued by municipal corporation. This license works like a certificate permitting the operating of the business which are involved with trading in goods and services that directly affect the health of the public. The entities must secure the License before the start of the business

    Some of the documents that an applicant need are as follows:

    • Complete applicant, address, measurements of the premises.
    • Proof of payment of property taxes, fines, etc.
    • Permanent Account Number/Tax Deduction Account Number
    • Proof of change of land use
    • Proof of ownership
    • Site/Layout sanction Plan
    • Copies of latest electricity and water bill
    • Medical Certificate
    • Self-Declaration
    • No Objection Certificate (NOC) from Commissioner of Police
    • List of Ancillary Commodities
    • Plan of Premises
    • Indemnity Bond Rs.100
    • Water Testing Reports
    • Sewer Connection Proof

    Health Trade license is valid for one year from the date of issue so application for renewal must be filed before thirty days (30 days) of the expiry date. Documents that must be submitted for license renewal –

    • Copy of original Health License
    • Identity proof of partners
    • Proof of payment of property tax paid on premises
    • Challan for the previous year


    • In case a business owner starts business operations without obtaining the Health Trade license, then the government will impose penal provisions in the form of fees and penalties. It can also lead to the shutdown of business operations. hence the license must be obtained before commencement of business.


    Step 1

    Go to the municipal corporation portal of respective state

    Step 2

    Select for applying for Health Trade License

    Step 3

    Fill up the application form with required information and attachments

    Step 4

    Filled form will appear to check the filled detail and proceed for payment of Government fees

    Step 5

    after successful of payment your application will be under verification of municipal authority

    Step 6

    Once verification will complete license will be issued in the name of entity/concern.

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