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Fire License

Fire License

Fire license means No Objection Certificate regarding Fire Safety Equipment installation in Building as per National Building Code (NBC) norms. Fire rules are different for all types of buildings, means different rules as per types, height, area of constructed building. The powers concerning licensing and fire safety are entrusted with the Director-General of Fire and Emergency Services and the Deputy Director for Fire Services.

  • Fire license is obtained for forming new establishments, where the purpose of the formation is to pursue the manufactureand storage of dangerous and hazardous inflammable items.
  • Fire license is required to confirm that construction of the building is resistant or unlikely to adopt any fire-related disaster.
  • Fire license is a needed for anyone seeking Trade License from the civil body in the state.
  • Application form for applying. Applicant can collect application form from fire stations.
  • Copy of Fire Safety Certificate duly endorsed by the Director-General under section 11C, if already possessed.
  • Two Copies of Site Plan of the Warehouse or Workshop
  • A statement showing the name and maximum quantity of hazardous substances to be stored or processed in the premises.
  • A statement showing the details of fire safety measures available
  • Duly filled planning permission
  • Building plan application form with the signatures of landowner and licensed surveyor
  • Registered document in the name of applicant.
  • Certificate taken for 15 years (or) from the date of document executed
  • Other documents relating to title of the land
  • Aadhaar card of the applicant
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