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Retail Drug License

Retail Drug License For Medical Stores | Application | Documents | Registration

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Drug License For Medical Stores in Kolkata

A retail license is required for the retail sale of drugs. A retail sale means the sale of drugs or cosmetics for the consumption of the end consumer. Retailers can sell it to a dispensary, hospital, educational, medical, or research institute. Retailers engaged in pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, stand-alone pharmacists, ayurvedic shops, etc need this license. Obtaining a Drug License for Medical Stores is mandatory for all retailers who want to indulge in the business of Drugs and Cosmetics in India under the Drugs and Cosmetics Act, 1940.

Applying for a New Retail Drug License For Medical Stores or Drug License Renewal for Medical Stores is a tricky and tiresome job as it involves numerous documentation and legal complications.

Legal Corner is one of the best Consultants In Kolkata for New Retail Drug License Applications, Drug License Renewal. You can apply online for New Drug License or Drug License Renewal. Just fill out the form and our top Retail Drug License Consultants will contact you to extend all help to save your precious time and money.

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    Frequently Asked Questions..

    • Pharmacist:The pharmacist must be qualified in the case of a retail business.
    • Space Requirement: The other important requirement is space, that is the area of the pharmacy. In the case of a retail and medical shop, area should be 10 square meters. The clear height of the sales premises shall be as per the guidelines laid down under the National Building Code of India, 2005.
    • Storage Facility:The other important requirement is storage facility since some drugs require to be stored in low temperatures, refrigerators and air conditioners are a must.
    • Technical Staff:The retail pharmacy staff must be experienced with in-depth knowledge.
    1. MOA and AOA in case of a company, partnership deed in case of a partnership and LLP agreement in case of an LLP.
    2. Affidavit stating that the director/partner/proprietor has never been convicted.
    3. Affidavit from the pharmacist or the competent person.
    4. Copy of board resolution.
    5. Educational certificate copies of Applicant
    6. Self-attested copies of Identity proof of Applicant (Domicile/ Driving license/ Voter ID card
    7. Educational certificate copies of Regd. Pharmacist (Self attested)
    8. Self-attested copies of Identity proof of Regd. Pharmacist (Domicile/ Driving license/ Voter ID card)
    9. Blueprint of Plan layout of proposed area/ premises.
    10. Electricity bill of proposed area/ premises.
    11. Copy of Refrigerator bill.
    12. Rent agreement
    13. Ownership document of the premises including the copy of tax receipt of proposed area/ premises.
    14. Covering letter.

    As per section 18(c) of the Drugs and Cosmetics Act, a person whoever himself, or by any other person on his behalf, manufactures for sale or distribution, or sells, or stocks or exhibits for sale any drug without a valid license as required, shall be punished with a term of imprisonment which can be extended to three years and with the fine not less than Rs. 5000/-.

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